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Return Policy: Upon receipt, 30 day returns on parcel deliveries with a 25% restocking fee on all unwanted items.
NOTE: Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. Warranty Policy applies to all purchases.

Customers can submit a return request by logging in, finding the order they wish to return and clicking the "Return Items" link.

Customer is responsible for any additional charges due to change of address or order changes after order is placed.



Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. warrants each component to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one(1) year for new replacement items and six(6) months on refurbished components from the date of sale to the original retail consumer. Accessories supplied by Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc., but manufactured by others, are warranted only to the extent of and by the terms and conditions of the original manufacturer.

The LIMITED WARRANTY extends to the original retail consumer of the product. As herein, original retail consumer is defined as the purchaser who first has the plant installed, or in the case of a system designed for non-permanent installation, the purchaser who first uses the system. It is the purchaser obligation to make known to any other consumer the terms and conditions of this warranty.

This warranty is a LIMITED WARRANTY and no claim of any nature shall be made against Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. unless and until the original retail consumer, or his legal representative, notifies Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. in writing of the defect complained of and delivers the product and/or defective part(s), freight prepaid, to Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. or an authorized service station.

Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. reserves the right to revise, change, or modify the construction and design of the Clearstream Aerobic Treatment System, or any component part or parts thereof, without incurring any obligation to make such changes or modifications in equipment previously sold. Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. also reserves the right, in making replacements of component parts under this warranty, to furnish a component which, in its judgment is equivalent to the part replaced.

To the extent that the LIMITED WARRANTY statements herein are inconsistent with the locality where Purchaser used the Clearstream system, the warranties shall be deemed to be modified consistent with such local law. Under such local law, certain limitations may not apply. For example, some states in the United States and some jurisdictions outside the United States may: (i) preclude the disclaimers and limitations of these warranties from limiting the rights of a consumer; (ii) otherwise restrict the ability of a manufacturer to make such disclaimers or to impose such limitations; or (iii) grant the consumer additional legal rights, specify the duration of implied warranties which the manufacturer cannot disclaim, or prohibit limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts.

In no event and under no legal theory, including without limitation, tort, contract, or strict product liability, shall Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. or any of its suppliers be liable to the other party for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind, including without limitation, damages for loss of goodwill, or any other kind of commercial damage, even if the other party has advised Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. of the possibility of such damages.

Clearstream Wastewater System's sole obligation under this warranty is as follows: Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. shall fulfill this warranty by repairing or exchanging any component part, F.O.B. Factory, that shows evidence of defects, provided said component part has been paid for, guarrantee has notified Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. of the defect complained of and the component is returned through an authorized Purchaser, transportation prepaid. There is no informal dispute settlement available under this LIMITED WARRANTY. No warranty is made as to the field performance of any system. This LIMITED WARRANTY applies only to the parts manufactured by Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. and does not include any portion of the plumbing, drainage, disposal system or installation of the systems. Site specific designs of treatment and disposal systems, including treatment plant and disposal system sizing is not the responsibility of Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. and is not covered by this warranty. All sales on electrical products are final. In no event shall Clearstream Wastewater Systems Inc. be responsible for delay or damages of any kind or character resulting from, or caused directly or indirectly by, defective component or materials manufactured by others.